I wanted to share a story straight from my inbox today, to show you how word of mouth actually works and how your marketing efforts today pay off for years:

I wanted to let you know how I’ve come across you… About two years ago we went to Queenstown for our first holiday there together. Matt had always snowboarded and done trips and I had always wanted to learn to snowboard. This was my first snowboarding adventure. I feel in love with it and Queenstown but particularly Wanaka.

We stayed at this place that provided breakfast and one morning we sat down and this couple was across from us. The pregnant lady said hi, how are you going, what are you doing today.. and I replied so excited saying about we were going snowboarding. I returned the question to her and she said ‘We are getting married today!’ Wow, I thought, how inspiring and she told us they were just going to randomly knock on a strangers door and ask to be married in their back yard / or on their property. This story has always stuck in my mind and I soon found this couple’s photo on Instagram. I was determined to find out how their story went. I feel in love with your stories and I didn’t want to ‘like’ your page in case my partner thought I was ‘giving him hints to propose or something’ haha.. I still don’t follow you yet in case people see and think we are eloping. I would elope. Since this couple’s story I have always wanted to exchange vows in Wanaka. We are winter lovers and mountain outdoor people.

A girl, I use to work with in Brisbane is also using you next October 2019 on the Sunshine Coast. So she always spoke to me about it. I thought this was a sign to email you!

Try and insert that story into your marketing plan?

How to get this?

How do you get enquiries like this? Do the right thing today, tomorrow, every day. Be consistent and strong in your branding and your language online.

To get this enquiry I had to first of all win over Carly and Sam, and then be active on social media for two years.

Doing the right thing on social media all day every day.

There’s no shortcuts, it’s just about being the best you, you can be.