If you’re aspiring to be a celebrant in the near future, Sarah delivers the Certificate IV in Celebrancy with this very institute.

We’re lucky enough to have experienced, and to continue to experience the full breadth of celebrancy training, students contact us every day with questions their trainers and colleges are answering incorrectly or weirdly.

So we’re trying to do something different, better, dare I day great, in the celebrant training world with the Certificate IV for Celebrancy.

Here’s ten reasons why I think we deliver the best Cert IV in Australia:

  1. Sarah Aird regularly schools the Marriage Law and Celebrants Section of the Commonwealth Attorney General’s office on marriage law, so for the legal things she’s a great person to learn under.
  2. When I (Josh) am speaking into your life as a celebrant I’m not trying to duplicate myself, but encourage you to be the best you you can be.
  3. Our training methodology is modern, friendly, and human.
  4. Our celebrancy practice is inclusive, diverse, and progressive, so your prepared to run a celebrancy business in 2020, not 1920.
  5. We actually believe that the celebrant profession needs more talented, skilled, professional, and profitable celebrants.
  6. You get a Celebrant Institute membership as part of your training package.
  7. We believe that celebrancy is a fun, meaningful, and purposeful profession and that’s the spirit we’re instilling in you when you train with us.
  8. As we build the Institute we’re aiming to be best, not the cheapest, which means we might still be in business for you to actually receive your assessment and Cert IV.
  9. You’ll be surrounded by likeminded students, and in the Institute, likeminded celebrants, successful, friendly, encouraging celebrants.
  10. If you give us your email address, we promise not to spam you weekly like the other Cert IV in Celebrancy providers. Yes guys, I get your flippin emails and they are spam, please stop.

Find out more about becoming a celebrant today with our Cert 4 in Celebrancy.