As a wedding celebrant, our role is pivotal in creating a memorable experience for couples on their special day. Public speaking is an integral part of this role, and there’s much to learn from seasoned speakers across different fields. Let’s delve into the insights that comedians like John Mulaney and visionaries like Steve Jobs can offer to help you refine your public speaking skills.

Embrace Your Unique Style

John Mulaney’s success as a comedian stems from his distinctive voice and delivery. He doesn’t just tell jokes; he weaves stories that resonate with his audience. As a wedding celebrant, finding your unique style is crucial. Whether it’s through humour, heartfelt stories, or a combination of both, your personal touch will make ceremonies unforgettable.

Connect with Your Audience

Steve Jobs was known for his ability to captivate audiences. He didn’t just present products; he created experiences that connected with people on an emotional level. Similarly, as a celebrant, your goal is to connect with the couple and their guests. Understand the couple’s story and share it in a way that engages everyone present, making them feel like they’re part of the journey.

Preparation is Key

Both Mulaney and Jobs meticulously prepared for their performances. While Jobs rehearsed his keynotes to perfection, Mulaney polished his routines through repetition and feedback. As a celebrant, preparation is just as important. Rehearse your speech, know the flow of the ceremony, and be ready to handle any unexpected moments with grace.

Timing and Pacing

A comedian’s timing is critical to landing a joke, and Mulaney is a master of this. In the world of tech presentations, Jobs knew when to reveal key information to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. For wedding celebrants, timing and pacing are equally important. Know when to pause for effect, when to speed up to maintain energy, and when to slow down to allow moments to sink in.

Simplicity and Clarity

Jobs was a proponent of simplicity, both in design and communication. He made complex ideas easy to understand. As a celebrant, aim for simplicity and clarity in your speech. Avoid jargon and speak from the heart. Your message should be easy for all guests to follow and appreciate.


Both Mulaney and Jobs could read the room and adjust their approach accordingly. As a celebrant, be adaptable. If the audience responds well to humor, lean into it. If the moment calls for solemnity, provide it. Being attuned to the atmosphere will help you deliver the right tone at the right time.

By incorporating these lessons from John Mulaney and Steve Jobs, you can elevate your public speaking skills and become a more effective wedding celebrant. Remember, your role is to enhance the celebration with your words and presence. With practice and dedication, you can create a lasting impact on the couple’s special day and ensure that their wedding ceremony is as beautiful and engaging as they dreamed it would be.

This post was inspired by McGuire Brannon’s video on the topic for tech industry leaders, which is a great watch.