If you’re a celebrant who reads off your iPad, you might not be aware of a simple way you can help photographers and videographers.

If the ceremony is inside with lower lighting, your iPad’s screen brightness will often reflect onto your face, like this:

iPad reflecting off my face with standard brightness settings

This is normal and to be expected, you do after all need to be able to read your iPad’s screen. The problem is that most lighting in a darker setting like this would be warmer coloured lighting. The normal colour from an iPad’s white screen is quite blue, instead of warm.

A simple flick of a switch on your iPad can make the screen warmer, like this:

iPad reflecting off my face with warmer brightness settings

Enabling this setting will make it so much easier for videographers and photographers to edit the wedding because the light on your face will be a similar colour to the rest of the lighting.

If you’re outside in full light you need not worry, and if the room is lit with cool (blue/white) colours then adjust appropriately.

The setting is called “Night shift” and it’s designed to make it easier for your iPad screen to be viewed at night.

You’ll find it in the Settings app, then “Display and Brightness” and manually enable it until tomorrow.