I’ll get the disappointment out of the way for everyone, I’m no AFL fan. Can you blame me? I’m a Queenslander born and bred, we worship NRL gods up here.

Regardless, I heard people comment on Robbie Williams’ performance to open the match was amazing, so I fired up my Youtubes and watched the clip. I have a few thoughts and they’re mostly related to how you and I, celebrants, do our job.

  1. “Hello Australia, my name is Robbie Williams” – he introduces himself clearly and concisely. A common complaint about celebrants I receive is that people don’t know who they are, what they’re there to do, or when they are delivering the ceremony they slide so far into the background that the Wizard of Oz is more visible than them. There’s a big difference between making the ceremony all about you and introducing yourself. Find that place and own it.
  2. “Over the next twenty minutes I’m going to be phenomenal so you better be good” – Robbie set expectations on time and quality early, and high. Honestly, I think I’m going to use this line at every wedding from now until eternity. Set the expectations in your guests so they know what’s coming up, it makes them feel comfortable when it happens.
  3. “Nah, nah, nah, I need the whole stadium to do this.” – get the crowd involved, and let them know when they’re not involved.
  4. “The obligatory new song, we’ll get through it together” – I’m guessing the record company did a deal where they needed the new song played, he acknowledged it, we laughed, then loved the new song. Maybe there’s some obligation in your wedding ceremony, bring it to the crowd with as much honesty and comedy as you can then come back like Robbie does “Back to the hits”.
  5. “I was awesome” – Robbie had just belted out Let Me Entertain You and undertaken some big moves to get across the field, and wraps up on a “that was awesome!”, such an endearing line. To build on that group experience and say what everyone was thinking. When your couple delivers epic vows, or something great happens, call it out, join with the crowd in acknowledging that which is great!
  6. A quick note on what he’s wearing. Hot pink, looking hot. Dress up a little won’t you?
  7. Finally, you’ll notice Robbie has no script, no autocue, there’s no screen showing him the lyrics or what’s happening next. The boy is a professional, he’s well-rehearsed, and he knows how to bring it. Take from that what you will, but a well-rehearsed professional celebrant is a well-regarded, well-referred and well-paid.