Gail asks:

Hi Josh. You mentioned in one of the podcasts that you use ToDoist to organise your projects. Could you please run me through how you utilise this as I am also a ToDoist fan.

I’ve moved on from Todoist since that podcast, but I’ve always had and always will have a system of accountability for making sure I do what I need to do. Whether that’s Todoist, or Reminders, or the system I’m using now, Dubsado, it’s important to keep myself accountability to a basic level of getting important work done.

Luckily for you, the system I used to get my reminders into Todoist, is still what I use for many things today, and that’s Zapier. Zapier is a really powerful tool that takes an input, like a form, or an action online, or an email, and it then does a number of things with it that you choose.

You might choose to make a ‘zap’ that takes the input of a form, and that form has a couple’s name and their wedding date. You’ll then make some actions in that zap that create a number of to-do items in Todoist one month, four months, etc before said wedding date.

In this example I’ve set a triggering event as a couple signing my contract in Dubsado, and as a result of that trigger event, I’m asking Zapier to create a to-do item in Todoist with the couple’s name and a reminder that I have a month (I’ve put 62 days) to get their NOIM into my filing cabinet.

My personal setup now actually keeps the accountability (to-dos) in Dubsado, using a combination of Dubsado’s built-in reminders feature and also project statuses in Dubsado. My goal is to aways be moving couples from Booking to Confirmed Booking (once a deposit is made and a date is confirmed), from Confirmed Booking to NOIM (once a NOIM is received), from NOIM to Planned (once I have planned their ceremony), from Planned to Married (this one’s easy right?), and from Married to Reviewed, once I have their review.