10 ways to make wedding fairs, wedding directories, wedding blogs, wedding magazines, expos, and virtual wedding fairs, work for you.

  1. Stop thinking as you think, stop thinking like a wedding vendor, and start thinking like a couple getting married and how they are using the fair/expo/website. Imagine how they are feeling, what they actually want, how many things can they remember, and how can you make their day easier? Tip: people don’t want to save money, they want to have an epic wedding and not waste money.
  2. Think about what medium would work best for this blog/expo/thing. Does an essay do the job, or do you need to record a video? You need to play to the crowd, don’t bring your tried and true hits. Every forum for marketing has its strengths and weaknesses, so play to them.
  3. The simple fact at a wedding fair/directory/magazine is that you’re in a lineup. So think about how you will look in that lineup, and how can you look different.
  4. Get outside opinions. There’s a reason we have mirrors in our bathrooms: because we can’t see ourselves, and even in a mirror the image is flipped. Find someone who can and will give you valuable and honest feedback on how your business presentation looks, particularly in the lineup. Tip: this person is likely not going to be a friend or family member.
  5. Brand yourself so well, and so simply, that even a five year old knows who you are and what you do. Make it big, obvious, and clear. Your name. What you do. In as few words as possible.
  6. Once your brand is communicated, the next step is to communicate your value. Not your price or fee or packages or deals or offers. Your value. If I choose you, what value do I receive, and then consider, does that value matter to me, the potential coupe hiring you.
  7. Have a ‘what’s next’ step. Design a customer journey, so everyone knows what the next steps are. Make them clear. Click here, sign this, pay that. Make the customer journey as clear as clean glass.
  8. Finally, know that this whole game is a long play. Decisions you make for your business today, and marketing efforts you outlay today, have a 12-18 month tail. I still get bookings today from events I did two years ago.
  9. Build a brand, not a booking. Let your reputation precede you, have a backbone, be known for standing for something.
  10. If you do all that, and in 18 months you’ve got no bookings, then I’ll give you your money back for reading this free social media post.

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