Hopefully all registered celebrants received an email from the Attorney General’s Department on 27 September 2018, inviting feedback on a new version of the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Anyone who’s listened to me talk at OPD or been following the podcast for a while will know that the MLCS has been working on the current review of the marriage forms since January 2015. I remember responding to a request for feedback way back then, and then we heard nothing. In April 2017 MLCS released a new version of all the marriage forms to the Associations for comment, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to give my feedback on those through one of my association contacts. Then again, nothing. We hoped they were biding their time until marriage equality became a thing, and that they would release the new forms at the same time as the update for marriage equality, but December 2017 came and went, and still nothing.