It’s January – the traditional enquiries season for the wedding industry. Sarah and Josh reveal what their business focus is at the start of each year, and discuss in detail their process for dealing with an initial enquiry.

01.50 Marriage equality – following up from the last podcast, it’s now one month after the changes to the legislation
05.40 New question on the NOIM: Q1 Description of party
10.15 Difference between ‘partner’ and ‘spouse’
10.33 New question on the NOIM: Q4 Sex
13.37 Enquiries season (January) is here
16.19 Some wedding DJ love
17.04 The January Process – marketing, directories, expos; it is (or can be) a crazy time in the industry
18.05 Sarah does a major expo each January. Why expos can be good for your soul as well as your business
25.10 Josh discusses his marketing focus in January
30.04 Josh’s content sharing; blog vs socials. Episode title explained!
37.22 Facebook’s metric (measurement of success) is how many people CAU – Care About Us – Josh is aiming for similar – mattering to people.
43.25 Process! Methods & systems to avoid double-booking, especially in busy enquiries season
50.25 How Sarah deals with enquiries
53.42 How Josh deals with enquiries

Sarah’s CRM is Tave

Josh’s notification service is Pushover

Josh’s emailing system (since retired and replaced by Dubsado) is HelpScout

Josh adds video to email (since retired and replaced by Bonjoro) using BombBomb