Marriage equality has come to Australia! Finally! And it came in like a wrecking ball, changing everything for marriage celebrants whilst also delivering equality, love, and compassion to a large part of our population. There’s so many questions to be asked about marriage equality and what it means for celebrants, so we hope you enjoy this episode – Josh is sorry for his terrible audio quality, it was recorded in a Brisbane co-working space which was noisey and echoey, sorry!

Is Australian society now doomed? Is my marriage now less valid?

This episode answers so many crucially dumb questions, you can’t afford to miss it.  (Even if it is just for the giggle).

4.47: The biggest change after Marriage Equality – 7th December 2017
5.25: Previously only 3 categories of Celebrants.
A – Religious officiants of a recognised Religion.
B – State and Territory Officers (registry weddings),
C – Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrants.
6.47: The added 4th category after Marriage equality, D – Religious Marriage Celebrants
7.70: Jedi Warriors
8.10: What are Religious Marriage Celebrants?
9.26: Can new celebrants become a Religious Marriage Celebrant?
9.57: What if I have a moral objection to same sex marriages, but I’m not religious?  (If that is a thing)?
12.25: When did Marriage Equality become legislation?
17.26: The first same sex marriage in Australia.
20.56: Shortening of Time chat
22.25: Civil Union information
24.15: What if you were married overseas before legislation changed?  Is that now recognised in Australia?
26.35: Do I need to get divorced if I was married overseas but it wasn’t recognised in Australia at the time?
28.20: Can I use old NOIM’s that refer to parties as Bride & Groom?
32.26: Where can I download a NOIM?
34.33: NOIM info – Party 1 and Party 2 on the NOIM – which person do I put first?
34.50: NOIM info – Description of Party – What descriptor do I use?
37.00: NOIM info – Sex (Should be Gender) – Male, Female or X?
42.00: Official Certificate of Marriage
47.50: Form 15 – Canprint
50.44: Can we still use the words Bride/Groom/Husband/Wife in our script?
51.33: What does one month mean? 30 days? Or 28?  Or……????
52.40: Monitum – how has this changed since Marriage Equality?
53.45: Legally binding vows
55.14: Why does it say spouse in the vows but partner on the NOIM?
56.34: What do you say for the pronouncement?  I now pronounce you?
59.00: Saying “I do”
62.39: Celebrant Suite – Ron Byron and Ivan Conway