It’s been 7 weeks since marriage equality finally became a thing.  Australia has figured out that all people are actually just people…So what is the LGBTTQQIAAP alphabet soup? Today S & J take a detailed look at CRM systems and processes and hash out the customer journey they take their couples on. There are heaps of tips and hints that may add some value for you and your clients. Feel free to steal, and if you have any further tips suggestions or questions email or send a recorded voicemail message to: [email protected]


00:00 Gold digging: It’s all about having a chat and digging up gold nuggets for you!

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05:15 Industry wide: Shout out to non-celebrant listeners! 

06:00 Random  Accidental Tech Podcast: Josh’s fave nerdy tech podcast that started out talking about cars that accidentally became a tech podcast 


07:13 NSW BDM system not updated and printing blank NOIMs

08:34 VIC BDM updated within 24hrs 

09:50 Annoyed with AG website PDF forms? (type too small, fonts change aka rubbish). Shout out to Peter Willington from QLD (amazing listener) has generously gifted his writable PDF forms for you to overcome these issues. Now avail for Download: $5 Celebrant Institute Shop! NOIM, DONLIM, Certificate of Marriage that auto-fills as you type. Sales proceeds go towards helping us with hosting costs – Thanks Peter!)  

12:33 BDM aint got no Alibi: The forms are U-G-L-Y

13:23 July 2014 last time forms were updated the BDM advised they don’t care about the ugly forms are only needed for info only.


14:10 Mind your language! Josh talks about his coffee date with an amazing human Tara from magazine Dancing with her (free digital copy of their magazine when you click over to the site!) She is really passionate about raising awareness and helping businesses become better with their use of gender/hetero normative language 

17:06 Sarah listened to a podcast interviewing someone from Mrster (pronounced Miss-ter) on how to a make your websites marketing and conversations more inclusive.    So having a guest like Tara would be great to have on the show for those of us that are a bit unsure of how to better familiarise ourselves with unfamiliar territory.   

19:30 FYI: People are people

20:00 Check your privilege! Sarah feels concerned about her privilege but has nothing on Josh.

21:28 What is cis-gender? 

22:55 OPD Social impact of Marriage Equality, Alphabet soup, schedule dates/topics

26:20 What do you think about mixed industry seminars/workshop events? Email your ideas [email protected]

Q & A: 

30:20 Send your voicemail questions to [email protected]  and you too can become world famous on

30:45 Guy ‘Cliffo’ Clifton asks: What are your smart processes in celebrancy while keeping it human? 

34:00 Checklists as a process 


34:50 The Slippery dip: Josh hashes out this modern sensation. A visualisation of the playground and his customer journey from the tricky bits (steps of the sales process: enticing people to climb the stairs) to sliding down the slippery dip (slide). 

40:00 Getting personal: Abbie retired 

42:00 Josh talks journey focus vs tools, name drops CRM systems and tells us what he uses and why. (Links: Zapier, Calendly, Todoist, Helpscout, 17hats, dubsudo, studio ninja, Tave)

44:00 Pushing the envelope: why he redirects to email to fill out booking form check it out (just don’t fill it out).  You can view Josh’s booking form here (please do not fill it out). A whole lotta stuff happens once the booking form is filled out. Zapier automatically creates a calendar item with all the booking info, as well as invoicing in Xero. 

48:40 NOIM via Celebrant Suite and booking meeting via Calendly

50:55 Todoist kicks in with reminders at different times 2 weeks out from the wedding as well as after the ceremony

52:40 Josh’s greatest fear: Trying to stay a lovely human and geek

54:35 Creating trust on the slippery dip

55:45 You get what you pay for. what do you want your clients to say about you?

56:30 How a nerd keeps it human.

57:10 Summary of Josh’s bits: How it all ties together (links: WordPress, gravity forms, stripe, g-suite)

57:40 Keeping it human with tools.

59:30 Don’t forget to polish your slippery dip: The value of evolving your system 


60:50 How Sarah’s life changed. Pre vs Post electronic processes 

62:20 Show me the money: Why transparency works.

63:10 Smashing the mold: Why Sarah does ALL the talking.

64:35 Power questions & Options: Reinforcing value

66:30 Booking: Email next steps in the process via Tave 

68:14 Setting expectations: Service Agreement & Payment

69:35 Protecting IP and timeline to next meeting 

70:40 Rewind: Life before Tave 

72:10 How much time is saved with Tave ?

73:35 Calendly or not to Calendly: pros and cons 

74:15 Josh’s Calendly Tips 

76:20 MEETING 1: Process Overview

77:25 NOIM & Getting random: Turn it out and discovery.

78:15 Let’s have some fun! Ceremony planning 

7850 Stripping back the layers & Family Sensitivities: 

80:00 Ceremony Booklet run through

81:05 MEETING 2: Timeline to the ceremony

82:10 Mic drop! The importance of being careful about being careful 

83:25 Tave’s funky features, task list and post ceremony bits

86:00 Click here to download Sarah’s checklists and booklets in sop

88:05 Different strokes for different folks: Hash and rehash!

92:50 Bug Bears and Praises: Sarah summarises what Tave  can and can’t do.

93:50 Zero for expense reporting for finances: as Tave  still not BAS friendly 

94:25 Awesome Reporting in Tave : leads, pipeline, marketing and booking reports

95:35 Share the love! Like love or if you need any celebrant legal advice email us here [email protected]