Jeff asks:

I share my ceremonies with my couples using Google Docs. Every once in awhile I have a venue coordinator or wedding planner request access to the document, to which I normally deny access by kindly emailing them directly asking if I can help them out with anything specific. I kind of feel like there’s no reason for them to need to see the ceremony or have access, especially if it’s a venue I’ve been at a bunch of times. I would never request access to their day-of timeline they’ve created, that’s their business…

I also don’t love sharing an entire ceremony with someone who I don’t really know. I mean, really, my style and delivery are what couples hire me for, not reeeeally the words in a ceremony, but if I’ve spent all this time writing it, I don’t feel like I need to just hand it over to anyone who asks, especially someone in the local wedding market.

What do you think? Tell ’em to take a hike or ease up a bit, Jeff, and share away?

Obviously Josh is of no use for this question, because he doesn’t write a ceremony script, so this is Sarah’s view only!

I’d be thinking along exactly the same lines as Jeff! It’s a completely weird request, to be perfectly honest; why on earth would they need or want to see the entire ceremony? I’d be doing the same thing Jeff already does; email them, ask them (nicely) what they want it for, because it might be simpler if I could just answer their questions, rather than them wading through all the words they don’t need to find the answers they do.
There’s also the potential issue that one of those venue coordinators might decide they want to be a celebrant, and then they’ve got a bunch of scripts hanging around that they can “borrow”; it’s not unheard of here, that a venue coordinator becomes a celebrant, and as much as I’m all for sharing, I want people to ask me to share the proper way, if that makes sense!
So I think Jeff should continue to do what he’s doing! What do others think?