A recent Seth Godin post has had me thinking about celebrancy all weekend.

Interaction is a privilege. But it doesn’t often scale.

The fact that people get to interact with you, taking time away from your partner, family, friends, garden, book, TV show, bed, haircut, or just lying on the floor mindlessly, is a privilege.

Interacting with you, emailing you, calling you, Skyping you, meeting with you, is a rare and beautiful privilege. It’s a rare stone. Not a common backyard pebble. It’s the kind of thing you’d mount in a gold band and wear on your finger.

Don’t give it out for free.

Place a value on it, so that not only you value it, but people that receive it value it too.

As things get busier, as your calendar fills up, as bookings come in, be sure to acknowledge the increase in value of your interaction with an increase in price for it.