My favourite computing device is my iPad. I’m actually travelling for up to six months of this year with only my iPad – it’ll be my main computing device. There’s two or three little bug bears that really annoy me about the iPad, but the main one is how the Instagram app is still phone-only. There’s no iPad app for Instagram.

The CEO of Instagram recently even addressed the issue:

And as much as I think that’s BS, it also got me thinking about celebrants and how we don’t have to do everything.

If Instagram has permission to not make an iPad app because “we only have so many people, and lots to do, and it hasn’t bubbled up as the next best thing to do yet” then you 100% have permission to not do everything.

Maybe it’s the number of services you provide, like weddings, funerals, namings, etc, and maybe one of those, or many of those don’t bring you joy – you don’t have to do every service that every other celebrant provides. For example, I only do weddings and elopements, the others don’t interest me.

Maybe it’s the amount of things you include in your product. Like providing a table and chairs, or a number of meetings or a rehearsal, feel free to trim things down. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than me contributing to the furniture and styling at a wedding ceremony, but maybe you love that.

The thing is that you have a choice, and you get to choose to build a business, provide a service, and live a life that brings you and your customers joy.

Go forth and be the iPad app you want to be 🙂