I read an article on CNBC about five phrases you should use when you’re interviewing for a new job, and it led me down the path that every time we meet with a new couple we’re literally interviewing for the job. Here’s my take on CNBC’s five job-winning phrases with five phrases you can use in wedding sales meetings to win that wedding booking.

1. “In the past, I’ve couples/guests/vendors have noted that [X thing] was better at the wedding, thanks to my [Y skill].”

You’re showing that your skill level is so high, the people you work with or work for also benefit from it.

Example: Don’t say: “I’m an excellent [blah blah].” What to say instead: “In the past, I’ve been noticed for [go into detail about how you brought value to a couples or a venue, or a vendor, or a wedding guest]”.

2. “In a review, the couple pointed out that I am particularly good at [X skill].”

Take note of Facebook, Google and email reviews, and comments from couples and guests at weddings and bring these reviews back into conversation with couples you are interviewing with.

Example: Don’t say: “I am an authorised marriage celebrant.” Instead say, “In [mention the wedding detail and the couple’s name] review, the couple pointed out how impressed hey were by my ability to [detail what the review said].”

3. “Other wedding vendors always comment on my ability to do [X thing], thanks to my [Y skill].”

This demonstrates that you are so skilled at something, it became a general sentiment about you. Telling a story of a time a wedding creator leaned on you can help seal the deal.

Example: Don’t say: “I’m good in a crisis.” What to say instead: “Wedding vendors/creators would always comment on my ability to put together an effective crisis response plan because I know how to stay calm and focused. At a wedding [situation arose, describe the situation]. If this situation wasn’t resolved [such and such would happen]. I was the first person they called, and we came up with a plan that eased everyone’s concerns.”

4. “I am known for improving the vibe of weddings, thanks to my [X skill].

Smart couples know that a wedding isn’t just an event, it’s a family and friends gathering with different personalities all in the same room. As the celebrant, you have the power to harness that diversity and create a vibe, a feeling, a mood, an atmosphere that is ripe for celebration.

Example: Instead of saying, “People feel comfortable around me”, say instead, “I’ve developed a reputation of being a great celebrant, thanks to my amazing public speaking skills.”

5. “I often work with [X] and [Y] vendors, it’s great that you’ve booked them for you wedding!”

Weddings are a team sport and working closely, intimately, and really well with other vendors in a way that positively affects weddings is a powerful attribute.