Many of us have a problem with selling. It’s understandable, most of us have been sold to before, and we’ve hated it. A “salesperson” is often the sleaziest person in the room, and none of us want to be “that guy.”

But here we are, trying to pay our mortgages or rent with some cash we earn from being a celebrant.

And traditionally, that requires sales.

So, I, Josh-saviour-to-the-celebrants, has a solution!

Stop selling, start serving

Celebrants aren’t actually selling a product – as much as I’ll refer to the words selling and products in other posts – we are serving our people.

We are service people.

So stop thinking about what you do as sales, and start thinking about it as a service. You are serving your community. That service comes with a fee, but ultimately, you’re serving your community much like a defence force service person is serving the nation, a plumber service person is serving a homeowner, a mayor is serving a town, or as an aid worker serves a town in need.

We serve. We help. Our time and energy translates into something great in someone else’s world.

As you serve, and you position yourself mentally in that place, get your soul in the right place, and your brain lines up, and your website, emails, templates, service contract, and every part of your business lines up with that truth that you are serving people.

You’re no longer a sales person, and you no longer need to be good at sales.

You just need to be great at service.