Thanks so much for having us in your ears again! This episode covers the following:

  • Sarah’s experience performing Eurydice Dixon’s funeral
  • IGTV
  • Paperwork only, legals only, registry style wedding and the legalities surrounding them
  • Copyright for marriage celebrants. Check out the great information on COCA’s website:
  • Exhibiting at wedding expos: styling, collecting info from couples, other tips and tricks

During the episode we talk about how many marriages are firsts for the couple, and Sarah promised to look up the official stats. According to the ABS 2016 data (that’s the most recent we have; the 2017 data will be released in November 2018), 81.2% of all brides and 79.3% of all grooms had not married previously. So Josh was right with his 80% estimate, and Sarah was also right that some of my couples have one partner who has been married before and one who hasn’t!

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