UPDATE RE PENS 2/4/2020: I wrote the initial post that included wiping my signing pen with antibacterial wipes between each signer based on the rule I learned many moons ago that when signing a legal document, all signers needed to use the same pen, as different pens may suggest the signers signed at different times or in different places. After much consideration I’m changing my stance on this; I’ve decided to buy a big box of cheap black pens from Officeworks and have all signers use their own pen to minimise the spread of germs. I have disposable gloves (that were already in my cupboard) that I will insist on everyone wearing. Plus I’ll use all the hand sanitiser and wipe down my folder as mentioned. I’ve changed the post below to reflect my change in process.

I’m fielding a lot of questions about how to actually manage marriage ceremonies in a practical sense, with regards to the 1.5m distance advice and 4 square metres per person rules currently in place. So I want to let you know how I personally am managing these things.