11 years ago (in 2009), celebrant directory website Celebrante, conducted a survey of about 1400 celebrants. I’m cleaning out my Dropbox folder and found the survey, so I thought it’d be an interesting piece of quarantine content for us all while we’re busy doing not a whole lot in regards to weddings.

Only one celebrant that responded to the survey charged more than $1000 and most were in the $400 to $600 range.

Less than 15% were full-timers. Which is about the same 10 years later.

78% of the respondents were conducting less than 20 ceremonies a year.

About the same number of celebrants have a service contract. Did I mention we sell a great service contract?

Interesting look at how businesses were set up then.

I’ve always found it interesting that anyone could ever proclaim that they do not need to improve. I guess it’s the posture you need to take to win at being a public presenter, but I could improve a whole lot, and I bet the celebrants in this survey could as well.


Personalised stationery!

“Do you have your own website?”!!!!

Oh website, how have you failed me?

So that’s a quick look at the survey, what are your thoughts on having a glance back over the industry 11 years ago?