I’m flying to Europe soon and I’ve put in for a first class upgrade. On Qantas you can apply for an upgrade and it costs you thousands of frequent flyer points. That’s how you fly first class, either that or you pony up the cash for it. In the history of flying the smallest handful of people have been upgraded to first class on a whim.

But if you talk to most people that don’t fly that often they will share the myth that if you are dressed well, looking sharp, feeling pretty, and you are nice to the check-in staff, the boarding staff, and the cabin crew, that you will hopefully be chosen for an upgrade.

That’s the problem with the areas of life that we don’t touch on often, they’re filled with mystery and intrigue.

Whether it’s parking in a no-parking zone, or changing those not-so-visible settings on your iPhone, the less trafficked areas of our lives are filled with myths.

Getting married is a great example.

I just had a couple who I’m marrying in Italy next year try to book the Melbourne registry office for me to do their Australian legals in. I’d never been more bewildered, particularly as I’d said that we’d just do it in a cafe on a certain date.

They replied “we thought you had to book the registry office.”

As the people in the wedding industry who intimately know the inner-workings of getting married the responsibility to drag these myths into the light and to showcase the truth, the liberty, and the opportunity for joy in getting married.

Use your blog, your Youtube channel, your Instagram stories, your Facebook posts to call out the myths and to speak truth.

That’s how you become an industry leader.