Delivered with love and setting the tone for what was is to follow in this Podcast. Immersing their audience in a story is something both Josh and Sarah do because a well-told presentation will stick in their audience’s brain for years to come!

2:17: Victorian/Melbourne Death Scene. How’s life in the funeral industry? why celebrants must diversify their roles within the industry, not just rely on one form of industry work. Figures from Springvale Botanical Cemetery show the drop-in funerals for February and March. With no apparent reason, the bottom fell out of this market. there is a reoccurring issue. and you can bet that the same time the following year it was reversed. We need to think about the way we market death! Weddings have changed “enormously” in the past decade, and for the better, with people taking greater ownership not only of their ceremonies but also their marriages. Civil celebrants, for example, have overseen the majority of weddings in Australia since 1999. Similar “exciting developments” have been slower to show in the funeral industry. Now we see families looking for a celebrant who fits in with who they are. However, many are at the whim of a Funeral Director. Which says to us, don’t just rely on this form of recommendation. to produce a sustainable business!
7:40: Custom design coffins: – Josh talks to a Graphic artist on the work that she is doing within the funeral industry, designing beautiful wraps for standard coffins. These wraps are designed with the deceased in mind. Their personality certainly shines through.
10:00: Templates of forms. Official Certificate of Marriage and DONLIM template – the lovely Peter Willington was good enough to design some writeable PDF templates for the OCM and DONLIM, and the use of Adobe Acrobat versus Adobe Reader.
12:00: Technology, love it or hate it! Facebook information that we all should know about.
23:00: How to tackle a second wedding. When already legally married how you approach the conversation with couples as to why you can’t have a second “marriage ceremony.” The legal implications for celebrants, the nuances of this situation and the ramifications of your actions. Legal issues – wedding days = Marriage Act and consequences explained.
35:00: Marriage equality. NOIM descriptor was not clear, Sarah has since updated information that has been clearer in this podcast. Descriptor question is a tricky one, and we talk about how Sarah’s advice in an earlier episode wasn’t strictly on point.
45:40: Cancellations verses refunds.