We recorded this episode on 6 July 2018, before Sarah had a chance to read the fact sheet from the AGD about the change in the one month’s notice period, so we don’t discuss that in the episode. Sarah will write more about that change soon; suffice to say she’s fighting it because she believes it’s a mis-interpretation of the Acts Interpretation Act.

In this episode we launch The Celebrant Institute: what it is, why we’re doing it, and why we hope you’ll support us!

As always, please check in at [email protected] if you have any questions or anything you’d like us to talk about in future episodes!

00:01:08 Josh and Sarah catch up on each others news
00:04:00 Shout out to Annie Moz and the Unholy Matrimony launch
00:05:18 Why terminology is important, and why what we say matters
00:10:18 How does a new Celebrant get their first clients, and should they offer a discount to get those first bookings?
00:22:54 Is it worth listing on aggregate sites such as Easy Weddings, PolkaDot bride, Celebrante etc
00:25:40 Why you must track where your enquiries come from
00:28:40 If you have a question please email us
00:28:59 BDM online systems updates, what’s new and what we need to know
00:46:2 Electronic signatures, the guidelines, and the electronic transactions act
00:49:36 New guidelines were published on Tuesday 3rd July 2018
00:52:46 The Celebrant Institute launch!