Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in once more! This episode we chat about:

• funeral training and why Sarah continues to attend it, even with her level of experience
• funeral photography:
• https://thefuneralphotographer.com.au/
• https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-07/meet-john-slaytor-sydney-funeral-photographer/9113246
• outcomes from the May meeting between the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section and representatives of celebrant associations
• the disaster that is the Victorian BDM marriage registration system, and what’s currently going on with it
• why join or stay in an association?
• https://celebrant.institute/membership/business/how-to-leave-a-celebrant-association/
• what advice would you give to an aspiring celebrant?

Wow! This episode really explains all the things!
To join an Association OR why you possibly wouldn’t….. ? J
It will have you counting your blessings you are a member of the Celebrant Institute and thanking the universe there is now an RTO lead by one of the best! https://www.lifeskillstraining.com.au/
Lastly, valuable advice to aspiring celebrants.  So much gold in this ep!  You’ll love it!

04:35 – Why would an experienced celebrant attend training?
07:38 – John Slater – Sydney Funeral photographer
07:38 – Why would you have a funeral photographer?
12:30 – Silver Celebrant Funeral training – Robyn O’Connell
14:30 – More on why would you attend a Training Seminar?
16.57 – The second you make the statement that you are at the top of your game, that’s the direct indicator that you haven’t. Dunning Kruger Effect
20:30 – Forms review chat
23: 45 – Celebrants working in an Electronic Environment
24:54 – Why do we still need to sign two copies of the Marriage Certificate plus Form 15 when we upload the MC to BDM thus not requiring two copies of the MC?
33:57 –  Victorian BDM online – RIO Software – This is the part where Sarah gets riled up re delays in registration! (In relation to the VIC BDM System)
46:10 – Data entry changes in RIO (VIC BDM)
49:15 – Celebrant Associations – What is their purpose?  Why we ARE or ARE NOT a member of an Association.
49:54 – Is the Celebrant Institution an Association?
50:06 – What is the Celebrant Institution and what do you do?
52:00 – AFCC Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants
53.50 – AMC Australian Marriage Celebrants https://www.marriagecelebrants.org.au/
55.23 – International College of Celebrancy Association of Alumni and Friends – ICCA
56.35 – Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants Victoria
59:43 – AFCC Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants
64:14 – AFCC Training strategy – The main reason Sarah was riled up this episode!
69:48 – Considering becoming a Celebrant?  Advice for aspiring Celebrants