The Celebrant Institute RTO 22417 is proud to be presenting our 2021 Ongoing Professional Development program. Australian marriage celebrants are required by Commonwealth law to complete five hours of ongoing professional development, OPD. In 2021 one hour of that five – a compulsory one hour – is being provided by the Attorney-General’s Department via your celebrant self-service portal.

Your remaining four hours are provided by us!

2021 OPD by the Celebrant Institute

Our 2021 OPD program is a little different to what you’ve seen before:

  • One hour is compulsory ad via the AGD Self Service Portal
  • Your remaining four hours of OPD obligation are at your choosing from the RTOs offering OPD
  • We have 25 different topics for you to choose from, you’re welcome to do one to twenty-five, your choice!
  • 12 amazing trainers.
  • We have two hour and four hour topics, and you get to pick and choose which ones you do, and when you do them. You might do a two hour topic on a Tuesday night and another two hour topic on a Thursday morning.
  • You can do more than four hours of professional development if the topics speak to your learning and development goals.