Marriage celebrants should today receive an email alerting them to the AGD’s newest consultation on the future of OPD for marriage celebrants. After 2019’s disastrous survey and after collecting suggestions on OPD options from celebrant associations and networks, the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section has distilled all their information into a discussion paper and final survey. If you haven’t received your email, you can read all about the consultation here.

This is my plea to each and every one of you to please, please, please respond to this survey. It’s super easy, only three questions, and it will have a major impact on what OPD looks like going forward. As many celebrants as possible need to respond to make their thoughts clear!

Question 1 is demographic; it asks you to tick which categories you fall into, from authorised celebrant to RTO representative to BDM representative.

Question 2 is the big one: do you prefer Option A (continuing as we are now with 5 hours of OPD per year) or Option B (reducing to a 1-2 hours compulsory marriage legalities activity per year)? It’s probably of no surprise to anyone that I loudly support Option A, and not just because I make my livelihood from it. Ongoing professional development is absolutely crucial to keep our industry informed and skilled, and it can only make us better at our job. It is important that we have the opportunity to undertake activities in marriage legalities but also business management (including marketing) and the art of ceremony. We should all be dedicated to being the best celebrants we can be, and annual professional development is a crucial part of that.

Question 3 asks if you have any comments about Option C, which is in the discussion paper and provides some alternative options for OPD into the future. I’ve said enough about that already (some of my thoughts are included in the discussion paper) so I left this blank, but if you have something to say, go right ahead!

Please respond to this survey, and encourage all your celebuddies to do the same. It’s super important and won’t take you long!