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You've reached one of our members-only articles. Celebrant Institute members get access to read articles about building and running a sustainable celebrancy business, the nuances around the Australian marriage laws, advertising and marketing help, and ceremony ideas, plus there's a free podcast, they can ask questions, and seek urgent support for legal and business advice regarding being an awesome marriage celebrant.

I've heard a lot of people call these times "unprecedented" and by golly are they ever. Almost as unprecedented as me using the term 'by golly' but like I said, these are unprecedented times. In unprecedented times we need a few anchors that hold us to the ground as the storm flies by, and one of those anchors for me is the legal support I receive from my lawyer. After all, people are paying me good money to provide ... or more seemingly these days, not provide ... services and I've found more and more that we need some definitions of that relationship. That's where my lawyer helps me out.

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