We know it’s been a while, but welcome back to The Celebrant Talk Show! In this episode we’re responding to questions from you, our lovely listeners. Feel free to send us your questions by email to hello@celebrant.fm, or even record yourself asking us your question and send us the audio file!


00:00 Josh’s travel story: Plan to be early!


0400 All BDM’s (not NSW) … finally onboard online with Marriage Equality

0455 QLD online system kicking it!

0615 NSW Online System: Buzzfeed article outs NSW Govt for not being ready for Marriage Equality Same sex couples are filling forms out by hand

10:20 Lifehack: How to get around NSW system upload issues

12:20 NSW BDM wastes $$$


14:10 CRM (Client Relationship Management) systems: (Links: Zapier, Calendly, Todoist, Helpscout, 17hats, Dubsudo, Studio Ninja, Tave)

14:55 Josh’s touches on Studio Ninja

15:35 Who CRM’s are designed for

16:45 Do you really need a CRM? What is the alternative?


19:40 Are they legal or not? The in’s and out’s

21:30 Josh clarifies: What we as Civil Celebrants can/ can’t do 

24:20 How Josh does his Bali Destination Weddings

25:00 Don’t Overthink it – Australian laws irrelevant in Bali

26:25 Which date is the anniversary? Legal ceremony vs destination ceremony?


27:35 Jacqueline asks about scripting: Formula for the Couples Story

28:40 Sarah’s formula: What she loves, how she gathers info and delivery tips.

34:25 Josh’s Formula: Why he doesn’t tell the couples story.

40:05 Its the Mabo of the thing

42:00 Keeping the vibe 

43:15 Personalization: Sarah’s favorite bits


44:35 Andrea asks for tips in Public Speaking in Celebranting

45:20 Side bar: Words are less important than the Vibe

46:50 Tip 1: Rehearse Public speaking vs performance

47:40 Tip 2: Speaking ‘with’ not ‘at’ the crowd

49:45 Tip 3: Observe your peers vibe

53:00 Tip 4: Working it tough

55:50 Tip 5: Sometimes it is what it is

58:10 Tip 6: Giving permission

59:00 Tip 7: Popping Awesome: be authentic

60:04 Three Pre-Ceremony Things Josh does

1 Crowd participation

2 Relatable & safe

3 Be genuine

63:00 Creating the expectation of less than perfect (aka keeping it real!)

65:50 Its ok to be obvious!


65:40 Legal question: NOIM Biological Parents vs non-biological (step parents) and legal names. (Giving defective notice Section 104)

70:05 Documents required to confirm legal name change

73:00 Who can witness signatures on a NOIM?

74:40 Medical Practitioner (can witness NOIM) VS Allied Health Practitioner (can’t witness NOIM)

78:40 JP’s & the Police


79:45 Share the Celebrant.fm love! Like love or if you need any celebrant legal advice email or send a voice message to hello@celebrant.institute 

81:00 Outro music