Attending ongoing professional development with the Celebrant Institute over the internet through a webinar is an easy and fun way of learning, networking, and completing your professional development requirements.

Welcome and housekeeping video

Download the Zoom software application

If you have never joined a Zoom call or meeting from your computer, download the correct app for your device here, or if that link doesn’t work, try this one.

If it’s been a while since you’ve installed Zoom, we recommend opening the application and finding the “Check for updates” function. Here’s a support article from Zoom to help you make sure you’re running the latest version of the software.

Headphones and microphone

We recommend using a set of headphones, to help isolate your voice, and the audio coming from the speakers, however if you don’t have headphones, you’re still free to join the webinar. Just make sure you mute yourself when you are not speaking. Go to the Zoom website to learn more about configuring your computer’s microphones and headphones for audio.


If your laptop or device has a welcome built-in, you’re welcome to join and share your video, but if you don’t have a webcam – either built-in to your computer or external – that’s not going to stop you enjoying an OPD webinar. Just let your trainer know on the day that you don’t have a webcam, either by un-muting yourself and talking, or in the chatroom.

If your internet connection is not that fast, turning off your webcam by clicking “Stop Video” will help it run better.

Virtual backgrounds and filters

We recommend that all filters and virtual backgrounds be turned off for OPD unless you’ve mastered the art of good video quality, great lighting, and a creative high quality virtual background you can be proud of.

🐈 On the off chance you might be a cat, you turn off your cat filter, follow these steps.

Computer support

To attend an OPD webinar you will require a base-level skill of using your own computer. You will need to install the Zoom application, and need to know how to click links in your emails. But we’re guessing you can do that if you’ve gotten this far.

If you’re having trouble connecting, please get in touch once you’ve completed these steps:

  1. You have clicked the link to the Zoom call in your Registration email titled “Workshop URL”. A URL is a link to something else on the internet, in this case, it’s your OPD workshop’s Zoom call.
  2. Installed the latest version of the Zoom application, download the correct app for your device here, or if that link doesn’t work, try this one.
  3. Turned your computer off, waited 10 seconds, and turned it back on.
  4. Turned your wifi router off, waited 10 seconds, then turned it back on and waited 5 minutes.
  5. Turned your NBN or ADSL modern off, waited 10 seconds, then turned it back on and waited 5 minutes.

If you have completed those five steps and still cannot connect, please contact the Celebrant Institute on 0411 849 404 or 0434 884 834.


OPD sessions of two hours or less will not have a scheduled break, however if you need a private moment you can stop your video camera and attend to what you must. Please make sure you submit the surveys as they appear.

What kind of computer is required?

There’s no hard and fast rule, but the computer simply needs to be able to run Zoom. This webpage on the Zoom website lists the minimum requirements for running the Zoom software.


Workbooks are not required to be printed, you’re welcome to view them on your computer, or reference them after the webinar.


There is a full food and beverage service for our OPD webinars. Please feel free to help yourself to anything in your own fridge or pantry.