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The Celebrant Institute is a paid membership program hand made by Josh Withers and Sarah Aird to help Australian marriage celebrants become the best celebrants they can be. We write articles weekly, and answer questions directly asap, plus provide mentoring and support for members.

Membership is $10 a month or if you sign up for the annual plan you get a month for free.

Included in your membership is

  • Seven-day support and mentorship from Sarah Aird and Josh Withers. Any question asked gets an answer as soon as possible.
  • Access to all of the articles, podcasts, and essays on the Celebrant Institute website
  • Listing on the celebrant directory

I am so happy to have found your and Sarah’s podcast and website. I became a celebrant two weeks ago and have learnt more in the last two weeks listening to you both non stop on your podcast then in the whole Cert 4 in Celebrancy I did online.


What is the Celebrant Institute?

The Celebrant Institute is not a celebrant association. We are not a member of COCA. We are just two celebrants, Josh Withers and Sarah Aird, who have a passion to teach, train, encourage, and mentor a generation of celebrants to becoming better celebrants so that couples have better wedding ceremonies, and so families have better funerals.

The Celebrant Institute is a membership program where you can access all of the content on the website, and also ask questions. It’s that simple!

Legendary celebrants sharing all sorts of magic wisdom to make celebrant life so much easier. Loving your work!


Hi Josh and Sarah just a note to congratulate you both on your excellent podcasts (which make commuting bearable) and all the content you share on this platform. I’m a new(ish) celebrant and keen to sponge up all possible info and guidance from experts like yourselves. I know we all need to put out individual stamp on how we do it but having a framework to work from is just so helpful. Love love this industry (far more than my other corporate gig) and I plan to keep growing and learning to make myself the best celebrant I can be.