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Sarah and I have been talking to a Paul Carr, an entrepreneur, friend, and founder of Nudo about trying to find a match between his new wedding venue venture and celebrants.

His idea is packaging entire weddings, from venue to celebrant and everything in-between, by having all of the vendors on a wage. Obviously celebrants can’t be on staff at a venue due to the conflict of interest, but you can do a deal where you do ceremonies for them at an agreed rate.

Fitting into this model may not appeal to all, but I’m willing to bet there are a few that would benefit from the time in the air.

My personal thought is that if you’re new, or new-ish, consider this a year long apprenticeship. The best place to learn about celebrancy is at the end of the aisle and Paul will put you in front of 50-odd weddings in a year.

The added bonus is that Paul pays for your Celebrant Institute membership while you’re at Nudo so you have the support of Sarah and I directly.

From Paul:

Nudo has brought together a team of wedding specialists to offer complete end-to-end packages for wedding couples. They have assembled an awesome team and the last piece of their puzzle is finding an amazing celebrant.

If anyone would like to join our team, we can offer you 50+ weddings in the next 12 months. Nudo will:

  • cover the cost of all sales and marketing
  • offer you a minimum 50 weddings
  • develop a website, brand and portfolio for you to use at your own discretion

If you’re interested, reach out to Paul Carr at paul@nudo.co