A bulletproof service contract is what you need to legally define the relationship you have with your clients. Without a service contract your relationship is left in the hands of legal defaults, and a bunch of assumptions, and we know where they leave you.

This service contract has been created by Pod Legal, an Australian law firm, and is written to the needs of Australian marriage celebrants, whilst also being fair to all parties, and allowable in court.

Why get a service contract?

We’ve found that many wedding businesses are operating with service contracts that they have written personally, or copied from the internet, which leaves them extremely vulnerable in the event of the contract being called upon because it hasn’t been written for that kind of business operating in the country they are operating in. Service contracts also have to be fair and reasonable, and we believe this contract by Pod Legal is that and more.

If you’ve seen comments from other wedding businesses asking questions about what to do in the event of a cancellation, pandemic, or change of date, you no longer need to worry – your service contract answers all those questions.

How to use

This contract requires you to enter your name where required, and also to edit the Australian state or territory in which your business is based. If you have your own nicely formatted inclusions document, then simply state the name of their inclusions package in clause 2.1 and delete the Schedule (Package Inclusions) part of the document. If you do not have your own nicely formatted inclusions document, then you would use the Schedule (Package Inclusions) and delete the part of the clause 2.1 that is highlighted in blue.

To use the service contract you would at worst, print it out and sign it with the couple, but if you are using an online booking workflow like Dubsado, Tave, Studio Ninja, or a form on your website, you will be able to include the contract there and have it accepted digitally.

If you require any edits to be made, these are at your own discretion. Changes you might consider would be due dates for deposit, full payment, and refunds, the hours you will be available for the ceremony, and the days required to make changes.

Force majeure clause

The effect of a force majeure clause is that it enables the non-performing party to escape liability for failing to perform as a result of the force majeure event. After commissioning this service contract with Pod Legal, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and a member asked for a force majeure clause to be added.

This download contains the force majeure clause, if you would like a version of the contract without that clause you can purchase it here.